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Humidifiers from Breathe Easy - Household Humidity Control

Wall Register Humidifier
Breathe Easy room humidifier



"We have used these all winter - one in each room of our apartment and they have made a significant difference to our good health!"
-- MMB, Alexandria VA

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The Breathe Easy II is green... learn how this humidifier is good for the environment.

November 1, 2015

After 36 years of supplying humidifiers and humidifier filters to our many, many clients, we must now close our doors and retire. Until we find a replacement manufacturer, go ahead and use the humidifiers without the filters as evaporation will still occur. We thank our valued customers for our long relationships, and wish all good luck an d good health in the future.

Jim and Nancy Vesper
Vesper Research, Inc.

Breathe Easy Home Humidifiers

Breathe easier this winter! Breathe Easy II is the original non-electric room humidifier with the patented moisturizing system that creates a healthy environment. This ingenious device keeps your heating costs down as it brings soothing moisture to dry, parched air making the home feel warmer. Installs instantly without tools, hookups or wires in any room - on most heating systems... just add water! We know you will love what these humidifiers do for your health... these are great humidifiers! Just look at the unsolicited comments from satisfied customers... Humidifier Testimonials.

Breathe Easy? II - Benefits
  • Soothes Dry Nose and Throat
  • Great for Allergy, Sinus and Cold Sufferers
  • Reduces Utility Bills
  • Silently Adds Moisture
  • Protects Plants, Pets, Pianos and Furniture
  • Reduces Static Electricity
  • Easy to Move from Room to Room
  • Completely Safe around Children & Pets
  • Costs Nothing to Operate
  • Does not block airflow from your heating system
Breathe Easy? II - Special Features
  • Full One Year Warranty
  • Installs Instantly with No Tools
  • Easy to Clean
  • High-Heat Resistant Plastic
  • Seamless, Leak-Proof Tank
  • Pouring Spout and Water Level Indicator
  • Heat Deflector
  • A set of Non-Toxic Humidifier Plates
    (FDA Approved) included with each humidifier
As featured on the TODAY Show...
Having a bad air day? Here's some help
Lou Manfredini, Home Contributor to the TODAY Show, offers some advice
to improve the air quality in your home.
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Want to know more? Breathe Easy Benefits
Millions of homes, apartments, and offices are not equipped with central humidifying systems, and those that are lose most of the moisture in the air ducts before it reaches the room. These systems, as well as electric room humidifiers, can be quite costly to purchase, expensive to maintain, and difficult to service. The Breathe Easy II provides an affordable, dependable way to stop winter dryness in any room and help combat health problems associated with dryness.
Did You Know?

Moist air heats more efficiently.
Using the Breathe Easy II actually
saves you money by reducing
your utility bills!
It is easy to use on floor or wall registers, convectors, baseboard heaters and radiators. The humidifier plates are FDA approved and are completely non-toxic. Warm air from your system passes through the humidifiers, dispersing moist air throughout the room - making your room feel warmer. These humidifiers contains no electrical parts and does not require batteries, so it costs nothing to operate and is completely noiseless and safe around children and pets.

Did You Know?

The Breathe Easy II does not use electricity or batteries, so it costs nothing to operate and is completely silent.

Vesper Research, Inc. has been in business since 1979 and manufactures the Breathe Easy II. This humidifier has been advertised and editorially featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Home and Garden, and House Beautiful. TV ads have appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and This Morning. Over the years, more than 935,000 humidifiers have been sold to happy customers. Click Here for testimonials.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and service. We do not sell the names of our customers.


Please email us at service@VesperResearch.com with comments or problems.

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